Who We Are

*Remove hoods dramatically.*

We are...the Storyweavers.

*Grace steps on a LEGO brick and flails wildly.*

*Sarah spills calligraphy ink.*

*Storyweavers decide to forget about coolness.*

Anyway, hi. We're sisters Grace and Sarah. We believe that there's a story in almost everything, whether it be in writing, art, LEGOs, photography, filmmaking, music, or any other creative talent that God has gifted you with. Here on our blog, we'll be telling stories through the things that we're best at doing. And you may find some random posts about our daily lives, but hey, that's still a story!


Not that our lives are as interesting as that of Jedi, Elves, or Halfbloods, but still. 


Below you'll find brief bios about us, if you're interested. If not, feel free to wander around our blog. Try not to step on LEGO bricks.

Aloha. I'm Grace, and I'm sixteen years old. Some of the things I like to do include: Writing Christian fantasy fiction, reading, photography, filmmaking, sketching characters, listening to movie soundtracks, camping with my church, hanging out with friends, and playing gaga ball, ultimate Frisbee, (unorganized) basketball, and airsoft. I think coffee is amazing. My favorite color is blue. I like writing about weapons, and although I don't know how to use them in real life, I wish I did.  

I'm currently working on a novel that has dragons in it (which you can take a sneak-peak at here). I've been working on it for nearly four years, and I still can't say when I'll finish it, but so far it's been a blast. 

But enough about me. Please welcome to the stage: Sarah, my ultra-cool sister. 


Hi! I'm Sarah! I'm thirteen years old. I enjoy taking care of cows, playing unorganized sports, reading, playing airsoft, building with Legos, and listening to music.

I play piano, and I also play for congregational singing at our church.

I write a little bit, and I've finished one story. But I prefer telling stories through Lego bricks, which is why I like to build giant Lego models.

I have five siblings, and we're all home-schooled. Grace, my awesome sister, is writing a book series and I'm helping her. Which makes me a co-author, which is amazing because it means that I get to help with tons of suggestions to fill in plot holes, but I never actually have to write. 'Cause if I wrote the book, I would have despaired on the third draft. And Grace is on her fifth draft. 

I hope you enjoy our blog!

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