Take a Peek at Our Novel-in-the-Works!

Fires Rising

Oh, goody. You've found my (Grace's) novel! Well, it's kind of Sarah's, too, because she helped me a lot with the outlining and with filling the plot holes. For the record, there were a lot of plot holes. So, let's give Sarah a hand for her patience and all of her creative suggestions.

Anyway, so far I've spent almost four years working on it, and I'm still going. Right now I'm beginning the fifth draft.

I'll have you know that those stunning collages you saw were (not one, but TWO) temporary covers I made for it. One for the novel in general, and one for my lovely characters. *Pats herself on the back.* And here is a brief little synopsis to peak your curiosity so that when it's ready for publishing I have a whole host of ravenous little bookworms ready and waiting to devour it whole. 

Without further adieu: 

In the perilous land of Alamire, the dragons have kept humankind under their tyrannical rule for centuries. Only a small group of human rebels known as the Seekers have had the courage to form an underground resistance. Slowly, their numbers are growing, and they are sharpening their skills as they wait for the day when they will overthrow their cruel rulers.


In the midst of a violent war between dragons and humans, three teenage, rebel recruits embark on a quest to find their kidnapped friend. Along the way, they uncover a plot to resurrect a powerful dragon queen. With nothing but death and violence on every side, can they remain strong when their people need them most? And above all, will they continue to trust the Creator even when their mission seems hopeless?

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